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Dean Educational &

Psychological Consulting

Registered Psychologist in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut

Dean Educational and Psychological Consulting is owned and operated by Merril Dean, Registered Psychologist, in Yellowknife, NT.

Having been both an educator and parent for over 30 years in Yellowknife, Merril has a solid understanding of the unique realities for children accessing education in the Northwest Territories.

In becoming a registered psychologist it was Merril’s desire to provide for her students and the students of fellow professionals in the north, psycho-educational support and assessment that is contextualized to the northern experience and reflects the context and situation of living in the north.

Merril also works to provide cognitive assessments for individuals involved in the judicial system and cognitive and vocational assessments for adults and older teens.

Merril is also available for consultation for individuals and schools in a variety of areas including best practices in education and mental health, data driven decision making, and a variety of other topics.

Dean Educational and Psychological Consulting is registered with the GNWT BIP Registry.